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Children’s Swimming Lessons

 Private swimming school with small classes and caring teachers.

 Term time weekly swimming lessons and school holiday intensive courses.

 Children’s swimming lessons for all abilities aged 4 months to 12 years.

 Learn to swim year round in line with the school calendar at warm indoor pools.

 Siblings swim at similar times with multiple class levels running each session.

Our Promise to YOU

We care about your child.

We want your child to enjoy their swimming lesson
and leave us feeling happy.

Latest Reviews

Terry Webb Avatar
Terry Webb

Would like to voice how impressed I am with the staff’s interaction with children and how they make them feel special. People are always quick to write bad reviews but I think this companies credit should be noticed.

Very proud for my children to be part of such an essential but fun activity with a great team!

Peter Rodgers Avatar
Peter Rodgers

Day 1 at first my little boy was teary and scared to get in with someone he didn't know but within 10 minutes he was in and having fun. Day 2 he was swimming with help and by Day 3 he was swimming by himself with just armbands. A great one week intensive course which has built his confidence and really got him excited about swimming. Booked in for weekly sessions after just a few days.

Victoria Hatch Avatar
Victoria Hatch

Our daughter Florence has just finished her first term with Seriously Fun Swimming. Mel her instructor has exceeded all expectations. Florence's skill, excitement and confidence in the water has grown. It has been a joy to watch her flourish. A huge thank you from all of us �

Stephanie Maley Avatar
Stephanie Maley

I’ve tried a few swim schools (as I have 3 kids) and Seriously FUN is without a doubt the best one. My daughter loves her lessons and is making excellent progress!


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Baby Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby & Toddler

 Age 4 months to 3 years
 Max 8 per class
 Beginners to Swimmers
 30 minute lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons


 Age 3 to 12 years
 Max 6 per class
 Beginners to Advanced
 30 minute lessons

Kids Swim Cub Academy


 Age 12 years and over
 Swim club level
 Technique and stamina
 60 minute sessions

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