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*If you book within 21 days of the end of the current term, your child will start the following term.

Autumn Term 2023

First lesson: Monday 4th September to Sunday 10th September

Half-term (no lessons): Monday 23rd October to Sunday 29th October

Last lesson: Monday 4th December to Sunday 10th December

Spring Term 2024

First lesson: Friday 5th January to Thursday 11th January

Half-term (no lessons): Monday 12th February to Sunday 18th February

Last lesson: Friday 22nd March to Thursday 28th March

Summer Term 2024

First lesson: Monday 15th April to Sunday 21st April

Half-term (no lessons): Monday 27th May to Sunday 2nd June

Last lesson: Monday 15th July to Sunday 21st July

Autumn Term 2024

First lesson: Monday 9th September to Sunday 15th September

Half-term (no lessons): Monday 28th October to Sunday 3rd November

Last lesson: Monday 2nd December to Sunday 8th December