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This is what we strive to do for every child who swim with us. It’s the reason we exist.

Seriously FUN - What We Stand For

Our customer promise

We care, not just a little – we care a whole lot.

We care about your child, we care if they enjoy their swimming experience and leave us feeling happy.⁣

We care when as parents, you arrive at your first lesson feeling nervous of handing over your little angel and we’ll do everything we can to make you feel at ease.⁣

We care if your child needs a little more help or time adjusting to a new class or new skills and our teachers will make them feel safe and at home.⁣

We care when you want to talk to us about how your child is getting on and we help you understand the learning process.⁣

So that’s our promise, that we’ll care about you and your child.

Your guarantee

It’s simple, we want you and your child to love your swimming experience with us.

So take the pressure off you when bringing your child for the first time we offer the following guarantee:

We will work closely with you and your child to ensure they have the best possible chance of learning to swim.

If your child is nervous, our fully trained staff will do their best to put them at ease and gradually encourage participation in the lesson.

If your child needs to change class, this will be picked up by our team and we will make any necessary adjustments.